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San Diego City Beat

...I wanted my pork roll topped with a fried egg. Apparently, that’s how it’s done on the East Coast, where the sandwich was born. Here, the version with an egg is called “Egg Roll”, Also known as the “Jersey Breakfast,”...

...There’s more to Giorgino’s than just the Pork Roll and the Egg Roll. It’s most known for Philly cheesesteak sandwiches on the one and only Amoroso rolls, flown in from the City of Brotherly Love...

- Amy T. Granite

San Diego Reader

...Giorgino’s was bright, clean, and welcoming...I’d say that, so far, Giorgino’s has the best look of anywhere on the Tour. The bar was good, the cozy, partitioned dining room was comfortable and stylish. I just plain liked it."​​

...My cheesesteak (the works) was finished in record time and hit the table steaming hot...Architecturally speaking, it was a work of art...

-Ian Pike

Local Business of the Year

"Known for having the best Philly Cheeseteak in town Giorgino's has worked diligently behind the scenes to ensure that Golden Hill receives its fair share of services and attention. They worked closely with city officials to bring diagonal parking to the commercial corridor of 28th street to address parking issues. Not only have they beautified their space, they worked to beautify the community by reporting graffiti and trash before there was an assessment district. They have been actively involved with the Greater Golden Hill CDC's efforts, specifically with community clean-ups.​​"

- Awards Program

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